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Hong Kong is an autonomous city of China and one of the country's two Special Administrative Regions, the other being Macau.


Geostorm of 2022

Cheng Long went to a grocery store to buy some groceries. While going to grab a bottle of water, he grabbed a carton of eggs when a cat jumps into the freezer. Cheng said to the cat that it's not a place for him before putting the cat on the ground. The cat jumped over to the freezer again and Cheng jokingly asked, "You got any room for me?". He went to his car when he suddenly heard a sound. His egg carton fell and then he became confused when the eggs start to fry. He heard the sound again as the road start to crumble and the gas pipelines arose, glowing red hot. He fled to his car when fire start to form into a tornado. The ground crack open that tilted Cheng's car and went to the side of the city. Several fires erupted from the ground and buildings started to crumple down like dominoes.

As Cheng drove away to safety, his wiped his fogged windshield while he dodging several cars. He noticed the car thermometer lowering down and went outside with sweat in his clothes and fog in his glasses. After taking it off, he and several others watched in shock as parts of the city burned.